It all began in 1988 in Montreal, Canada, when Sylvain Séguin, creator/designer, along with partner Manon Vallée, idea manager/cosmetician, decided to create Eau Zone Oils & Fragrances, a high end cosmetic company. Their very first collection was distributed and acclaimed in many countries and their business grew rapidly.

Twelve successful years later, in 2000, the couple decided to launch a new & innovative brand of intimate cosmetic products: SHUNGA Erotic Art. Created with the idea that making love is an art, SHUNGA Erotic Art products were, and still are today, designed for couples.

Covered with shunga artwork and sleek lines reminiscent of Japanese design, our packaging is a treat for the eye. Their contents are treasures for arousal such as aphrodisiac oils and edible body powders, love-enticing balms, oils and creams for sensual massages, stimulants, lubricants, and much, much more.

Experience the divine fragrances, delicious aromas and tantalizing effects of SHUNGA Erotic Art!


The Mission of SHUNGA Erotic art is to provide quality products to enhance the intimacy for couples wishing to add variety and sensuality to their love making.


We believe that in every person lies a sensual and sexual being eager to satisfy his or her partner wishing to reach new levels of intimacy .We design our products to help couples rediscover their sexuality, heighten sensations and make every pleasuring act a seventh heaven.


We take pride in providing high-quality intimate cosmetic products that are 100% manufactured in Canada. Eau Zone developed priceless know-how in the field of cosmetic products, controlling every step of the production process in our Montreal, Quebec, Canada home office. From research and development to formulation, manufacturing, processing, quality control, design & packaging, and of course merchandising, and marketing – with reliability and safety and the Made in Canada symbol of top quality appreciated around world.

We hope you will enjoy each and every one of them, as our mission to bring couples closer than ever before is what keeps us going!


Nineteen successful years have passed and SHUNGA Erotic Art rapidly became a leader in the adult-entertainment industry, growing into a benchmark for the competitors. The company’s strive for excellence through innovation and quality brought the brand to recognition, receiving many awards in the last years:

2010 Erotixxx Award – BEST WHOLESALE COLLECTION 2010 AVN “O” Award – OUTSTANDING LUBE, LOTION OR POTION for the Shunga chocolate body paint 2011 EAN Erofame Award – BEST FEMALE PRODUCT for Hold Me Tight 2011 XBIZ Award – STIMULANT LUBRIFICANT COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2012 EAN Erofame Award – BRAND OF THE YEAR 2012 XBIZ Award – INTERNATIONAL PLEASURE PRODUCTS COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2013 XBIZ Award – SENSUAL BATH & BODY PRODUCT OF THE YEAR for Love Bath 2013 EAN Erofame Award – BEST PRODUCT LINE CATEGORY CONSUMABLES 2014 StorErotica Award – BEST BEAUTY CARE MANUFACTURER OF THE YEAR 2014 EAN Erofame Award – SEXUAL WELLNESS COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2014 SIGN MAGAZINE Award – BEST WELLNESS PRODUCTS 2014 2015 STOREROTICA – BEST SEX ENHANCEMENT MANUFACTURER OF THE YEAR 2015 EAN Erofame Award – BEST NEW PRODUCT LINE Category Consumable Kissable Massage Creams 2015 SIGN MAGAZINE Award – BEST WELLNESS PRODUCTS 2016 Sign Magazine Award– Best Marketing Campaign 2016 EAN Magazine Award- Highest Mainstream Appeal 2017 Sign Magazine Award– Best Sexual Wellness Brand 2017 EAN Magazine Award- Sexual Wellness Company of the Year 2018 STOREROTICA – BODY CARE LINE OF THE YEAR – LOVEBATH 2018 EAN Erofame Award – BEST MASSAGE PRODUCTS 2018 SIGN MAGAZINE Award – BEST NEW WELLNESS RANGE – THE NAUGHTY GEISHA.

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