A ‘Family Guarantee loan’ helps purchasers buy a home sooner or save paying the mortgage insurance, when you don’t have enough deposit. Find out if you qualify and just how easy it can be.

‘GUARANTOR’ questions answered

Learn the benefits, risks and responsibilities of the family member offering a loan Guarantee, to help the applicant get into their own home earlier or cheaper.





Think you may qualify for a loan but still have questions?

Book an eligibility call with one of our senior finance professional to help steer you in the right direction.


Where an applicant has less than a 20% deposit plus the Stamp Duty, Transfers and legal costs, the lender will nearly always require you to pay costly lenders mortgage insurance – sometimes as much as $50,000 just for the insurance. We show you ways to reduce or avoid the insurance all together.

Ways to reduce LMI insurance

We detail strategies and insights into how you you can reduce, or in some cases totally avoid paying expensive (LMI) lenders mortgage insurance premiums.

85% LVR no LMI loans

How this little known lender product may save you thousands in lenders mortgage insurance, if you have a 15% deposit plus Stamp Duty costs, and satisfy the tighter lending criteria.


Using Guarantor support

How the Family pledge/Guarantor loan works from both the Guarantor and Applicant perspective. If suitable, this loan may help you totally avoid lenders mortgage insurance.








What We Do Differently

The purpose of Finance Professionals is to give you information, choice and if you choose, service. Rather than risk working with someone new to the job, under training or just not service driven, we offer knowledge, skills and the people that are proven and experienced to handle your needs. A hand picked team with specialist skills and in most cases, the extra service costs you nothing at all.


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