It feels great when you hear your little one saying his first ‘mama’ and ‘dada’. You are very excited and want to start teaching your child alphabets and rhymes, in a way beginning first learning and the child is prepared for playschool later.

But it is not as easy as you thought. You decide to check up the trusty Google for free parenting apps and baby care app like BabyBerry, on tips to teach your child.

How to teach the alphabets for your child

Sing – I started singing the alphabet song and nursery rhymes to my son right from when he was a newborn. The moment he started talking, he picked up his ABCs, like a fish to water. Music is something that children relate to very easily, and when you sing those ABCs, your child picks it fast. Sing when you feed, bathe, and get them to sleep. It will seep into their subconscious.

Read-Get that big, colourful, alphabet books and read it to your child frequently. Repeated efforts help your child identify and learn alphabets easily.

Practice – Get tactile sensory kits which help your child trace his fingers on the alphabets. This will help him learn, trace, mamatogel and write the alphabets.

Explore – Associate everyday familiar objects with alphabets. T for Toy, M for Mama, P for mamatogel play, etc.

Play – Play a game of treasure-seek with ABCs kept in various places in the house. Make a puzzle out of big cut-outs of alphabets and help him solve it. Associate each letter with everyday common objects you can find around the house.

Make it interesting – Get your baby to be excited with that special alphabet with which his name begins. Get alphabet fridge magnets that the baby can stick and play with.

In your excitement to make your a little Einstein, don’t end up forcing your child. Your child may also develop aversion to learning as he grows up.

Instead, keep it interesting and fun for your child. Also, remember that each child is unique and so are their learning capabilities. If your boy/girl happens to be a little slow in grasping, go gentle with the flow. Check out various free parenting apps, baby care appand parenting app to get super-interesting ideas on how to make learning fun for toddlers. As you progress, you might end up developing your own sure-shot methods that works wonders for your child.

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