Finance Professionals match me to a good broker

Why ‘the FP matching service’?

In short, there is a need. I could only handle so many clients personally and I regularly come across extra people that had a bad experience with a bank or broker due to poor service, availability or low skills; so I decided to match the extra people I knew with a handful of hand chosen brokers found over the last 7 years in the industry and owner of

I’ve learnt that there are good and bad practitioners in banks and broking practices and that clients are making major life decisions with a mortgage, yet they don’t always get high quality advice or service, when they need it the most. Too often clients ‘Didn’t know what they didn’t know’ so fell foul of mis-information and great marketing headlines only to find out later there were much better options for them. Brokers and bankers alike had different skill levels and the person with 15 years experience was not necessarily better then the person with 5 years, it was more down to their values, research, solution solving and service skills.

My aim is to bridge the gap here for the benefit of everyone. An educated client knows what is important and what to avoid, the client gets paired with a proven professionals, the broker is more effective in matching the right solutions and submitting the loan, the lender gets a happier client experience and faster processing. Win win all around.

What is the service?

This is the approach we follow to provides a superior service and result, than you simply going to a local bank branch or closest franchise broker and hoping they were a skilled professional?

  1. We focus on lending areas that are more complicated, and where the value adding can save thousands of dollars e.g. Family pledge and reducing mortgage insurance.
  2. Educating you rather than just give the 5 paragraph marketing spiel in the bank brochure. By arming you with the information, you can better develop your questions or simply understand what the broker is doing and why to be able to act faster and with more certainty.
  3. We offer a free 20 min phone meeting to help define what you are after, if you are likely to qualify and who would serve you best.
  4. We hand choose brokers based on a 10 step program:
    1. Minimum 5 years industry experience
    2. Diploma of Finance and Mortgage broking qualification
    3. Hold personal accreditations with a broad range of lenders
    4. Are members of either accredited industry body, being the or
    5. They have qualified with ASIC to hold their own Credit license
    6. They are solution driven and creative thinkers rather than pick the first answer and run with it
    7. They appear personable and service driven
    8. Peer reviewed by at least 2 lenders
    9. Peer reviewed by their Aggregator
    10. Ongoing positive feedback from the clients referred.
  5. Ongoing broker education/ sharing. We develop tools to assist the brokers keep up to date and share information on bank service levels, unpublished policies etc.
  6. Feedback and improvement. After every loan application, feedback is sought from you and improvements made. Ongoing improvement works for everyone.

How is it different?

There are many good brokers in the marketplace, and you may be lucky enough to walk into the right door. Then again, they may not have done one of these loans for years and will have to research the updates or worse still just ‘give it a go’. They may have forgotten some of the processes or not be accredited with the right lenders so they will be hampered.

You may want to choose someone yourself so therefore interview say 3 brokers, check their qualifications, check past customer feedback, work through a checklist and make a right decision, but this may take you 4 – 6 hours whereas we have done the work for you and you will find it hard to get peer reviews which we perform.

What’s in it for ‘Finance Professionals’?

  1. A personal satisfaction that good quality work is being done, not only for my clients, but through this site its now for many more people
  2. Good clients matched with good brokers. I know many good brokers and they deserve to attract more willing, supportive, appreciate clients whereas traditional websites bring a mixed bag of people with some being rude, total time wasters or unappreciative of the value being given
  3. Financial compensation. Much like a ‘conjunction agent’ in real estate, I find and match a client to a great broker and then I share in the commission they receive from the bank. It costs you nothing, is of service to the broker and service to you :-)

Who do I deal with?

Step 1. Finance Professionals. We are the initial contact where we help review your situation, check that what you want to achieve is probable, answer questions, provide a list of the information you will need and match you to a suitable broker.

Step 2. The broker. He or she makes contact with you, gathers more specific information on your wants, needs, financials, completes a multi-lender serviceability check and reports back to you on their research findings and lender/ product options.  They then assist you with the application paperwork, submit the application and follow through until approval and then settlement.

Step 3. Your conveyance/ solicitor. They help review your purchase contract and look after the legal transfer and final monies, for the bank and the Land Titles Office transaction. If you do not have a good one, your broker will be able to suggest one in your area.

Step 3. The lender. The broker is a qualified intermediary, but your loan contract, funds and responsibility is to the funder. After settlement, you can call the lender for statements, updates or changes, although your broker will gladly stay involved to make sure the changes suits your requirements and can brainstorm changes as your needs change.

Step 5. Finance Professionals. We like to confirm your experience was good, that the broker performed to your expectations and make sure we delivered as well.

What is the next step?

Time now to take action, email us or book an eligibility call and get on with the process so that the right property and loan can be obtained.