Domain, Website, Concept, Materials and Associated Websites FOR SALE in bundle.


This is a rare opportunity to purchase a PREMIUM DESCRIPTIVE DOMAIN NAME in the highly competitive finance space.

The primary domain is aged 9 years, has existing rankings on keywords relevant to todays market, has 2 existing supporting videos, ebooks, landing pages and 2 additional support domain names.

The opportunity is to:

  • Keep the existing concept and improve it, OR
  • Create a new concept as a directory for finance professionals (banks and brokers), OR
  • Create a new/ alternative brand for your existing business that may be wanting a more memorable name, OR
  • Create 3 targetted websites by moving the LMI pages to and move the Guarantor pages to the website so they both SEO independently and use for another concept or directory, OR
  • Develop a broking group with a credible, descriptive, memorable and potentially market leading brand – ‘Finance Professionals’, OR
  • Develop 3 content targeted websites with slightly different offers for the, and which are all on offer.

For sale is:

Site description:  

Currently is an information site attracting LMI and Guarantor leads via SEO traffic, then encouraging them to book a 20 minute free call (live into the Google Calendar link) and from here they are qualified and referred to the closest broker to handle the lead under a commission split. Additionally, and were developed as landing pages after Facebook or Google Ads, offering the vidos and ebooks as lead magnets, to then get their details for follow up and offer the chance for the 20 min free call. SEO has been done on the full site to maximise potential organic traffic, and the 2 separate landing pages are standalone, designed just for ad traffic.

You can expand the current concept and improve it, or buy the domain as a support site for your current business model, or as a directory site, or create a new well advertised concept with this highly descriptive and memorable domain.

Associated sites;;;

The ebooklets:

Designed as a lead magnet to offer value, in exchange for an email address, contact number and postcode. One booklet is 8 pages, the other 11 and could easily be re-branded if you wanted, or given to potential clients as a quick education tool. They were written by us and you have full copyright access.

Page Views:

400+ per month


93% from Organic search

Site Mechanics:

WordPress site, fully updated, using Avada v3.5.1 licensed theme and currently hosted with Zuver but we will assist with any move.

Appointment Core – allow leads to book instantly against your own customised open appointment times in a Google calendar. Includes automated thank you and follow up sequences.

OptinMonster – lead capturing software that offers pop up forms for campaigns, newsletters, subscriptions, campaigns, e-books, etc.

Social Media Accounts Included:

Site Traffic:

Pages/Session: 1.18
Avg. Session Duration: 00:00:50
Bounce Rate: 85.57%

Top Channels

Top Countries

Keyword Rank – Google Australia

Full assistance will be given to liaise with your IT staff for the transfer, and help or train you in using the existing site, plugins etc, to get it operating as it currently does.

Price: Best offer above $10,000.

For any questions and offers submit to [email protected]