Vibha Rao interview

The latest surveys says Chennai is the safest city for women and generally for all because family system, traditional values are still prevalent. People give importance to these things. The intellectuals, the bollywood etc all just talking about severe punishments for the eve teaser, rapists. But punishing or death penalty wont be able to stop these things. You see the condition of america. Law is so strict. No marriage compulsion for sex But still so many rapes. Because morally people are dead. Definitely, death penalty is the only punishment for Dámske Kanadské Husacie Chilliwack Bombardér Biele Zľava these crime(but it is only for Dámska Kanadská Husacia Táborová Bunda S Kapucňou čierna Bazar the purification of convicted). What she said that people sudn’t find their freedom in nudity. 20 30 years back rape was unknown to the indians because of their inbuilt transparency in their dealings, belief in family system, faith in marriages, chastity and Muži Kanada Husacie Ontario Parka šedá Shop celibacy. I know that rape is common in rural areas. In North India, Muži Kanada Husa Calgary Ducha Zľava rape of dalit women is routine. While it is true that tribal cultures are more free, it is also true that outsiders exploit them mercilessly and canada goose expedition cena blame them for being loose. In a way, when BJP says there are no rapes in rural India, they are exposing their ignorance and lack of connection with ground reality. This is the reason the BJP can not hold on to power. They are too caught up with upper caste Hindu fantasies about the nature of India. When they were in power in UP, they banned the sale of meat in many areas, forgetting that most hindus are not vegetarians. They alienated everyone and look who came to power next. Women, lower caste people and Dámske Kanadské Husi Montebello Parka Námorníctvo Slovakia rural India will eventually make BJP regret these comments.

Posted on: Jan 15, 2013 at 01:05 IST